Thursday, July 6, 2017
By Dan Boutwell

Since March 2017, Cypress TX home sales are showing to the leveling off in prices. We have some price ranges where the values are holding but the number of home buyers are slowing down. I see homes priced under $300,000 show quite a bit more than homes priced $350,000 and up to around $800,000. Upper end homes in the $900's to $1,500,000 are still showing at about same rate as they have for the last couple of years. The slowest showing range is from $350s to $400's. There are various ideas why this range is slow. One could stem from many buyers being "on the fence" waiting to see how the Oil and Gas recovery goes. I personally think we will see a large increase in buyers and also prices once the oil and gas market recovers and 290 construction is complete. Cypress is still one of the best areas for families to live in. It has the great Cy-Fair schools, lots of building and business growth. Also ease of traffic and lots of shopping areas.

Dan BoutwellDan Boutwell
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