Tuesday, October 31, 2017
By Dan Boutwell
The Best Time To Upgrade Your Home!

In the Cypress TX area, we had seen an increase in home sales in previous years during the holiday season. In the Last 4-6 years this increase has leveled off with home buyers moving throughout the year rather than waiting until the holidays and summer. Some of the leveling off also comes with the economy and jobs. Employees are not asking their employers to move around school schedules as they did in the past.  This has made holidays less busy in the last few years. What is consistent is a slowing of home showings from November to January. This would be a good time to make updgrades to your home, making it more attractive.

Make changes and updates that may have been brought forth in feedback from agents who have shown your home and potential buyers who have seen it. If you have kitchens or bathrooms that need updgrading, this is a good time get that done. Handymen and craftsmen are likely to be more competitive with their prices during the holidays as well, so hiring them during this time is ideal. In some price ranges, a decorating allowance is helpful since the higher the home value, the more upgrades buyers are expecting to see. I like to say your home is in a beauty contest not a price war. When you make the upgrades, be sure to add new photos and update the ones you have. If your home was photographed during the holiday season, have more picture taken after the holiday decorations have been taken down. Most buyers look online when choosing which homes they want to see. Let your home's beauty get you showings. Also, don't forget the landscaping. Plant colorful flowers that bring life to your home's curb appeal. The holiday season is a great time to get to work on your home upgrades but it doesn't mean making your home look beautiful isn't a year long possibility. Get your home sold, have a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!!

Dan BoutwellDan Boutwell
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