inspectorHome Inspections for a New Home

Many people ask why they need to have a Home Inspection for New Construction. I always tell them it gives you a much better peace of Mind when you close on your new home, that it is built well and safety aspects of your home are properly installed. 

Many builders have exceptional quality control, there some that are “Real Good” and some that are not so good. If you are using a builder who builds just a few homes, they most likely will be pretty good, but everyone has a bad day from time to time and getting a Qualified Second Opinion is good to have.  If they are a large Home Builder, then your Home’s, Building Supervisor will determine how well it’s built.  Again, some Building Supervisors are fantastic, and some are over worked and stretched too thin to give your home the attention it needs.

For New Construction, I would interview a few Inspectors and ask about their experience level and if they do multiple Inspections of your new home as its being built. I feel the most important stages are

  • Pre-Concrete.The Inspector will come out after all the Rebar, Plumbing, and Slab Prep work is done. The inspector will have a chance to see if Plumbing is correctly fitted, wrapped and supported. Quality of work on Rebar installation.  Some inspectors have even been onsite to verify a continuous pour and that proper depth and coverage for slabs and beams.
  • Pre Sheetrock Inspection can allow for the structure, Floor Joist, Load bearing supports and walls are good. Inspect electrical and plumbing are supported and routed correctly.
  • Pre Walk-Thru or Pre-Closing.  All the windows, doors, tested, Appliance verified installed correctly and test for proper operation, Test each Electrical Outlet for proper grounding and polarity. Verify GFCI and ARC-Fault protection in all the required locations. Proper installation and operation of Toilets, Faucets are installed with correct orientation of Hot & Cold Valves, no leaking and proper piping for drainage and test input valves. Run and test HVAC system and verify Duct work is correctly installed.

Since the normal home buyer will not know all the Building Codes and construction techniques, it does pay off to hire a Licensed Home Inspector.  They are current on the required building codes, they have experience in building techniques, building materials being used, and will give you a report that you give to your builder to address.  Sometimes the builders will remedy all the items on the list and there are times when the builder will have a valid reason for doing what the inspector is flagging as needing reworked or repaired.

If you purchase a home already under construction, then you may just be able to have the Pre-Walk-Thru.  I have found that most of the time, the cost of the inspection, usually covers the cost of correcting these items when they are discovered when you sell your home.