How To Pick A Realtor

When picking a realtor, they are going to help you with one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. So selecting a realtor is very important in finding the best home for you and your family. All Realtors are different. Some work independently while some work in teams. Some work full time, others part time. You may find Realtors who specialize in listing homes for sale or mostly work with buyers while some are 50/50. Regardless of who they work with, how they work and when they work, here are the key things you want to look for and ask about when searching for someone to help you buy or sell your home:

Experienced Realtors  

Ask how many homes they have listed and sold. Individually or as a team. Just as any job, the more experience a person has, they more knowledge they will have. The more knowledgeable they are, the more confident you will feel about the decisions you make. 

Available Realtors

When making such big decisions, questions and insecurities are natural in the process. You want to make sure that your Realtor will be able to be there for you every step of the way. It is important to know how busy your realtor is and if they will have time for you. This not only includes time showing homes, but also time searching for homes to see, researching the area, and answering your questions either by phone, text or email. 

Local Realtors

Ask your potential realtor about the area you are buying or listing in and if they happen to live or sell a lot of homes there. Local Realtors will know of potential developments that may improve or hinder home values. They will know about the school districts and the schools within them, shopping centers, taxes, HOA fees, hidden cost within subdivision fees and such. 

Listing Your Home

I have found that the larger the team, the more hands off the realtors will be. If listing your home, generally large teams list homes at lower prices. Somewhat like a K-Mart or other high volume seller. Smaller teams and individuals will work on the comparables more. Geneally if you pick a local realtor, they will know the area and the values to maximize the equity in your home.

Buying Your Next Home

Local Realtors are definitely the best way to go. Their knowledge of the area is crucial. They will know where future roads are planned to go, school zoning changes, school preferences, potential flooding problems, crime rates and other factors that will help making the best choice for your next home.


This is something I am never asked about but is very important. Ask about how they negoiate your sale or purchase. My view is most homes will usually sell at a fair price, though there are other factors involved such as closing date and repairs. This is also where experience, competency and knowledge of the local market come in and make the realtors qualifications valuable to you. 


Realtors do not mind answering questions. That is one of their main jobs. So ask away and make sure you feel comfortable with them before commiting.