Consider these reasons to move to a 55 community at a younger age (55).

1. It gets harder to move the older you get. Lot easier to move in your 50s than in late 60s or 70s.

2. It takes a lot longer to actually move than you may think. Just downsizing and getting rid of stuff takes forever. Selling your house, researching 55 communities, etc takes time.

3. Move to a 55 Community and built your social network.  Having a social network of friends who will be there for you is not build overnight. Start in your 50s to build your network and a 55 community is ideal place to do that.

4. Be prepared when you need to be.  Don't wait until you have unplanned medical problems that make living in a multiple level house a pain if not impossible. You never know when a medical problem will strike. Moving early will be much easier on you when a more suitable house is needed.

5. Don't miss out on activities and friends. While you are thinking about whether or when you should move you are missing out. The years roll by faster than you think.  You could miss out on a great a 55 community lifestyle for 5 or 6 years while you think about it. Just do it.

6. Don't miss out on great communities.  Right behind you are millions of baby boomers getting ready to move from their current large homes to a 55 community.  The market where your home is now may go down and not be as desirable the longer you wait.  Plus the supply of homes in 55 communities is already in high demand and will be more so every year.

7. Quit paying high home maintenance fees.  Older homes such as the one you are living in, cost a lot just to keep up. Older appliance, furnace, air conditioning, hot water heaters, painting, siding and roofing replacement all cost a fortune.  Your home in a 55 will be newer with better insulation, probably Hardi Plank siding, more energy efficient and less upkeep. Plus the landscaping is included.

There are many more reasons to move to a 55 community. It's like going to college again. Time to have some fun. The sooner you get there the sooner you can start to enjoy the benefits. Find some 55 communities in your area by calling The Boutwell Team. The Boutwell team is knowledgeable in the Northwest Houston Real Estate market and can help you select the right community that fits your needs. 55 Communities aren’t just for the retired folks anymore. Give us a call to find out more!